How the Q-Kidz Got Started

The Q-Kidz Dance Team began 29 years ago in the West End of Cincinnati.  The violence in the surrounding housing projects led Marquicia Jones-Woods to look for something the neighborhood kids could do after school to keep them safe and productive. Q-Kidz is far more than a dance team though. Marquicia -- Ms. Quicy (pronounced Kwee-cee) as she's known to all the girls -- and her 22-year-old identical twin daughters who choreograph the dances, Mariah and Chariah, devote themselves entirely to these girls.  

First, they teach them how to dance, but more than that, they instill values about the importance of a good education, living drug free and stopping the violence in their community. The girls all refer to Ms Quicy as a second mom. Makyla Burnam, team captain, says, "Ms. Quicy has taught me everything that I need to know, about Drill, about Dance and about being myself - respecting myself as a young woman." 

This 28 year journey with the Q-Kidz organization has been amazing I wouldn't trade one day of it in for a million dollars. I only pray that I continue to see the fruits of my labor when this group of kids grow up and become productive young ladies. I know the struggles they have been dealt because I'm a product of the same environment, but I always let them know; don't get caught up in the cards you were dealt, if they are not good ones deal yourself another hand and keep it moving. BIG LOVE❤
– Marquicia Jones-Woods AKA Ms Quicy



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 Marquicia Jones, CMHA Assistant Property Manager, recently received a Congressional Commendation Award.  Marquicia started the Q-Kids dance team more than two decades ago to provide a positive and productive outlet for public housing children living in the West End.  Since then the group has grown to nearly 100 members.   

Q-Kids members and alumni were on-hand when Congressman Steve Chabot surprised Marquicia with the well deserved award.   Congressman Chabot saw the Q-Kids perform at the World Children's Festival earlier this year at the Capital.    

CMHA commends Marquicia for her commitment to the children of the West End.  As a former CMHA resident, Marquicia embodies the notion that hard work and perseverance will take you far in life.  Next up for the Q-Kids...a musical performance that addresses bullying and accepting those who come from varying family and economic backgrounds.  Stay tuned for more information as the performance dates are set.   


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